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Your local Alarm and Locksmith expert is always only a phone call away.  Keep our business card in your wallet, your electricity meter or other places you might have access to in the event of an emergency.

Keeping people out

When you move into a new residence or Commercial complex it is always a good idea to install an alarm and replace the locks. You never know how many keys are floating around with prior tenants and their associates.

If you have experienced a breach in security or have concerns about your Alarm or locking systems, Wollongong Alarms  can advise you on, and install quality Alarm systems and locking devices for maximum security and peace of mind.

We can also offer you great package deals on  new Alarm systems, which if required can be monitored or dial your phone upon security breach.  We have no contracts on alarms so you're free to disconnect whenever you like.


You may want security Surveillance cameras.  We can do all this  and you can now watch your home from your Iphone.  We also carry IP cameras.

'"ALARMS SYSTEMS DON'T STOP CRIMINALS" This can be true,  however they do stop the vandalism taken out on the house. We find that criminals enjoy  trashing homes over a period of hours.   It's part of a new culture amongst criminals.  Its one thing having your door kicked in,  you can cope with that but having your home trashed is gutting.  We had a client the other day where the thieves even had breakfast in their home!  This could have been very dangerous had the owners come home.  Had they had an alarm the bandits would have been forced to leave quickly by the noise and the threat that authorities were on the way.  Quite simply you are mad if you don't have an alarm.


Wollongong Alarms & Locksmiths  prides itself on it's customer care.  Too many companies nowadays don't care about the customer. We do!  First of all we are always on time.  In the event somthing does happen where we are running late (which is very rare) we will always phone you.

 It makes me furious how many trades don't pay the courtesy of a phone call.  There is no excuse for this, it is extremly rude .

 When we quote we are firm with our prices.  Even if the job were to cost us money,  we still will not change our price.  I don't believe if someone has quoted and bills you extra, that you should pay the difference. It's wrong and we see it a lot these days.  It's a common trick to gain work and beat other quotes and it stinks and is also against the law.

We are very happy to say that most of our customers are the same customers we have dealt with for  years - we find this very rewarding, and we look forward to meeting you.

fixing a broken lock

24/7 call out

Wollongong Alarms & Locksmiths is committed to fast and reliable 24/7 service, so no matter what time of the day or night we will make sure you get back into your house, back to work or back on the road in no time!